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I got home a little after 2am this morning from seeing Madison. Miss Jordan took her feeding and decided she wanted to play until 4:30 AM. She was wide awake looking around and making noises. No sleep for mama. I'll let Daddy tell you the story about the next feeding. Anyway I slept from about 6:30 till 8am. Coffee good thing!!!

Miss Madison weighed in at 5# 12.1oz. And she was cooing up a storm. It felt so good to dote on her alone. Nurse Glenda said she had been moping around. Misses her sister. She also told me that they are so much alike...from their facial expressions to the stretches. I can't wait to have both in my arms at home.

I'm trying to figure out Madison's homecoming. While daddy stays with Ry, Rea, and JoJo...I need to go get Madison discharged. It will be another hours long thing. I'm going to try to find someone to go down with me to help and pull the car around for discharge. Wish me luck.

Coffee is calling me...Daddy will be on in a little bit.


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