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Rylee is finally getting the idea that this is Jordan and not Madison

The "big girls" decided that if Jordan is having bottles they should have bottles also.

Jordan just relaxing after a big meal.

Contemplating the future.

Madison should be coming home tomorrow. We are working on the logistics now. Kari is trying to round up some help to drive down with her. I guess we should have been a little more ahead of the game, but as of right now though, we live in the present.

I visited Madison last night and held her for about an hour. Since it was between feedings I took the time to do the "kangaroo care." It is really a hassle to get those kids undressed with all those wires, but they say that skin to skin contact is proven to help preemies thrive. I am really glad that Madison is coming home. It is only practical to go down after Rylee and Reagan are in bed. Trying to care for Jordan and look after the toddlers is not a one man/woman job.

We have been taking turns with the feedings and have been discussing how to do it when Madison comes home. It is quite a process. We must take her out of the bassinet, which doesn't sound difficult, but with the wires it can be challenging. It reminds me of that board game "Operation". The diaper needs to be changed, the temperature taken, formula heated, medication added, everything recorded in the log, ect. It takes about an hour from the time that you start heating the formula till you lay her back down. So, if it takes an hour for Jordan and an hour for Madison and feedings are every three hours, that doesn't leave much time for sleep.

Kari tried breast feeding for the first time last night with Jordan. She didn't have much luck. The doctors were amazed that she would even try with our situation at home, but we think that it is important and helps with the bonding.


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