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I got done with ground school yesterday. The plan is to pack enough clothes for two weeks and drive the whole crew down to Florida. We are not exactly ready to go, but are hoping to get out of here tonight.

We need to get a leash for the cat and figure a way to fit his litter box in the car. Not really looking forward to a road trip with the little fur ball. When we moved across town it was only a hour drive. The cat howled the entire way and pooped himself. Kari speculates that if he is free inside the vehicle he will be calmer. It should make for an interesting blog post when we get there.

So I have the pool cleaned and the front yard mowed. Still have to wash the dogs and pack some clothes.

Kari is really a wreck. She has been trying to help out, but has lost most of the use of her left hand. I don't know if it is the power of suggestion, but she has been in MUCH more pain since she learned that she has several herniated discs. I also wonder what her medications are doing to her. The doctors have her taking a huge number of pills every day. Her latest addition is a pill to prevent migraines. She says it makes her feel "floaty and tingly", makes her very tired, and makes it difficult for her to concentrate. I told her that she should be used to that. We have felt like that for the last three years.

So hopefully we will get out of town this afternoon. I plan on sleeping for a few hours when we get there and coming right back to get the rest of the house packed up. It has been nearly impossible to get anything done with the kids here and Kari in the condition that she is in.

So I am off to do some laundry and prepare for the road trip.

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