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Typical morning

"Dad, can I go with you when you take Rylee to school?" Asked Reagan this morning over breakfast. While it is really a hassle to get all of the kids dressed if you don't have to, her sweet little smile and the tilt of her head penetrated my defenses and I heard myself reply "Yeah, I guess that would be okay." I knew what was coming next.
"Can I come too?" Pipped Madison.
"Me too?" Jordan chirped.
"All right. You may go too." I said.

We finished our ham and eggs (Not green) and the whole troop marched upstairs. Rylee and Reagan are pretty easy to dress. They will wear whatever you chose for them or do a pretty decent job of choosing their own clothes. I dressed them first.

Madison and Jordan are a little more picky. I pulled out jeans for them.
"I don't wan jean." Said Jordan.
"But it is a little chilly outside." I said.
"I wan dis." She pointed to a floral print dress.
"Okay. Sigh."
"An I wan shorts." She continued.

I prefer that the twins wear Crocs. It is so much easier than socks and shoes. But Madi would have none of that. That would mean that Jo would want socks and shoes too.
"I wan socks." She announced. I checked my watch.
"Sigh. Okay."

We finally got panties and jeans and dresses on everyone. I paused to grab their jackets off the top rack.
"I don wan jacket." Madi said.
"It's cold out. I think you will be more comfortable if you wear your jacket." I said.
"I doooon wan jacket!" She insisted.
"Okay." I said, but brought it downstairs anyway hoping that she would change her mind.

"Everyone find your shoes!" I commanded. We sifted though piles of drop cloths and paint cans (We are in the middle of trying to paint the walls) and came up with three pairs of shoes and one pair of flip flops. At least I call them shoes, but my daughters insist they are Sckechers and or Sliders.

I put Madi's "Sliders" on first. Then Jordan's "Sckechers". Then Rylee's "Sliders".
"I wan Sckechers." Madi said.
"No, you already have shoes on, I don't have time to for changing shoes."
Here started the first tantrum of the morning.
"Whaaaaaaa...I wan Schechers...Whaaaaa!"
"Go upstairs if you are going to cry."
"GO UPSTAIRS!" Starting to lose the temper a bit.

"Rylee, go brush your teeth. Hurry up so we aren't late."
Rylee shuffles off to the bathroom at three quarter speed.

Shoot...I forgot to make Rylee's lunch.
"Rylee, you want peanut butter and jelly? Right?"
"Yes." She said. Thank God, she isn't being difficult.

Jordan picks a bugger and hands it to me.
"Thanks..." I say. I wash my hands.

Rylee appears with a tube of toothpaste in her hand.
"I need help." She says. So I open the toothpaste and return to preparing the lunch.

Rylee comes back out and gives me a big fake smile with her eyes closed tight.
"Clean!" She announces.
"Very good. Will you do me a favor and go tell Madison that she can come down stairs and go with us if she can be nice?"
"Okay." She said. Clearly not excited about going to confront her little sister, who could still be heard screaming at the top of her lungs.

A few minutes later Rylee returned.
"She doesn't want to stop crying, Dad." She informed me.
"Thank you for doing that, I will go talk to her. Here is your lunch, please put your backpack by the door."

I went upstairs and found Madi in bed hyperventalating.
"Do you want to be happy and go with us to Rylee's school?" I asked.
"Ye...sniff... ye...sniff... yeah." She replied.
"Okay, come on."

At the bottom of the stairs we assembled to don jackets. Reagan and Jordan asked for some help zipping theirs up and insisted on putting on the hoods. Rylee claimed that she didn't need one, but I noticed that when we finally got out the door she had put it on anyway. And Madison still refused to wear hers, even though I tried one more time to convince her.

"Okay, lets go." I said. And my small army piled out the door and rushed to the truck. Reagan insisted on checking the mail on the way.

I got the twins buckled in.
"I wan my jacket." Madi said. I knew this was going to happen... If it had been any cooler I would have relented and gone to get her jacket, but it wasn't really that cold, so she was going to have to live with her original decision.
"Madi, you said you didn't want it and we are not going to get it now."
"Sigh." She is going to make some young man crazy one day.
I hopped in and adjusted the mirror. I am not overly concerned with my appearance on most days, but the guy eyeballing me in the rearview mirror was looking pretty haggard, with bleary eyes and hair sticking out at odd angles. So ran inside and grabbed a hat and my coffee.

We sang "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" all the way to school.

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