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Not sure what I ate, but I was recently about as sick as I have ever been. I hadn't eaten anything unusual, but a three a.m. on Monday my body violently disagreed with something. It lasted almost two days and I learned a few things:
1. You don't really appreciate having a squeaky clean toilet until you have your head stuck in there for several hours. I will buy more toilet bowl cleaner next time I am at the store.
2. I need to start streching or something. I have had a bad back for a long time and sleeping for anymore than about 6 hours becomes very painful. So when you are too ill to remain standing and too sore to lie down it makes for a completely miserable time.
3. When you see your three year old walk by with an uncapped indelable marker and you don't care, you may have food poisoning.
4. Three year olds will still jump on your stomach even if you tell them that you don't feel well. And giggle while doing it.
5. My wife is really an angel.

I am no longer hoping for a quick death and am off to Rome for the first time with the mandate to bring back "something" for my wife.

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