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Kari is out for the evening with Auntie Shell. So I decided to take the girls out for dinner. Just me and the kids. On the drive to IHOP (That is where they wanted to go) I was marveling at the progress we have made over the last couple of years. I never would have taken them all to a restaurant by myself on purpose even a year ago. But now it is sooo easy.

My blood pressure has still not come back to normal.

Before we even got to the restaurant Madison was in tears because she somehow scratched her arm. No idea how she did that while strapped in her car seat, but for the rest of the evening she would continue to insist (EVERY TWO MINUTES) that she have a bandaid. Which I didn't have...

At the restaurant we settled into a booth and examined the kids menu. They each changed their minds about what they wanted at least once. Madison, between tearful pleas for a bandaid, changed her mind 6 times. Rylee was starting to get a little restless while waiting for the food so I asked her to open a creamer and pour in in my coffee. You know, practice the fine motor skills. I don't know why I thought that was going to be a good idea. I should have seen it coming... Rylee opened it and poured it fine, but then all her sisters wanted to do it too. They preceded to come dangerously close to full on meltdown when I told them no.

Then they needed to pee. So we all marched to the bathroom. The phrase "like herding cats" comes to mind. Someone must have slipped them some sugar, because they were going ape. I think I kept repeating something like "Come here, come here, come here, comehere, comehere, comeer, comeercomeercomeercomeer, STOP!" We got the usual "Are they all yours?!!" "Whoa! All girls?!!!" "Man, are you in for trouble!" comments on the way to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom Reagan immediately locked herself in a stall, Jordan started crawling on the floor, and Madison began crying for a bandaid again. Rylee was pretty good.

The food had arrived by the time we got back to the table. I started to cut up Madison's waffle. I looked up to see Jordan had filled her waffle with strawberry syrup and was holding it up with both hands and stuffing it into her mouth, syrup dripping everywhere. Madison, between loud calls for a bandaid, insisted on ordering powdered sugar. Rylee was taking bites large enough to choke a donkey and Reagan poured at least a third of a bottle of syrup on her chocolate pancake.

There was about 4 minutes of peace while they were engaged stuffing their faces. But then Reagan and Jordan had to climb under the table (only one banged her head and required a kiss this time), then stand on the seats and wave at people, and play with sugar packets while dipping their elbows in left over syrup. Madison continued to demand a bandaid between devouring her meal and a large portion of mine.

I got them all out to the car with about a hundred more comments like "Come here, come here, come here, comehere, comehere, comeer, comeercomeercomeercomeer, STOP!"

They argued amongst themselves all the way home.

I don't have the time or energy to proof read this so forgive the misspellings and runonsentences.

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