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We are a bit jumpy

Part of the psychosis that most parents suffer from (caused by children) is hearing crying babies all the time (I think the voices come later, in the teenage years). I almost always hear our kids crying and when I rush in to check on them they are fast asleep. This condition is exacerbated by the addition of the apnea monitor. Every time the old clock in our bedroom chimes I about hit the roof.

Kari had her first scare with the apnea alarm going off. She was lingering in that semi consciousness that is as close to sleep as we get at this point, only partially aware of me tending to our newest arrival, and lulled into a sense of security from the gentle chugging sound of the oxygen generator. Suddenly that high pitched alarm shattered the calm and the adrenaline surged through her body. It is amazing how fast she moved. I never knew that my wife had such cat like reflexes. She was instantly awake and ready to take charge of what ever emergency presented itself. She leaped from under the covers and was next to the crib before I could turn my head fully in her direction. Fortunately, it was a false alarm, I had stepped on the cord and pulled the leads off Jordan's chest. I am sure that didn't feel good, but she didn't make a peep.

It is nice to know that the alarm will get Kari moving. She told me later, with a bit of a giggle, that she thinks that she pulled something. At least we haven't totally lost our sense of humor.

Rylee is very interested in the goings on and is constantly peeking into the crib or climbing up on the bed to get a better view of this strange new visitor. She will stand up on her tip toes, just getting her nose over the edge of the bassinet, then looking back at me with one finger stretched out toward her new little sister and announce "Madison!" We keep telling Rylee that her sister's name is Jordan, but to no avail. I guess that is ok, since they are identical we will probably get them mixed up at some point right? I can just see us after bathing them, Kari will look down at the girls, then back at me. We will both be thinking the same thing. Which one is which? I will just shrug, we will just switch them again at the next bath. (Kari says that indelible marker on the forehead works well and it will come off in a couple of years.)


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