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Holy smokes! This is lots of work. We really don't have time to relax at all until Rylee and Reagan go to bed. I only have 30 minutes until Madison needs more drugs. Rylee is still up or I should say up again. Kari has hit the sack and I am on solo patrol.

Here is the run down on the latest events:

I called the chief pilot's office to get the fax number for the family leave paper work. Last Friday they told me get it in when you can, there is no rush. Today it was "We need that paper work NOW!" Again, I am not pleased with how this has all gone down. Fortunately, the doctors went out of their way to get the papers faxed by the deadline.

Madison has set off her monitor four times today with a high heart rate. We were a little concerned about this and so we called the pediatrician. It was after hours so we got some doctor who was on call. Dr. Hagarty, I think. Boy did she rub me the wrong way. Every time she asked a question she would start talking over me before I finished answering. I got the feeling that she had a bit of the "God complex." I hope we don't have to deal with her again. It took me 15 minutes just to get in "here is what is happening. Do we need to worry about it?" Answer: No. Not as long as her heart rate isn't staying up. It is only when she is crying.

Reagan has been a terror today. She is still not feeling well. Still cutting teeth and fighting off that cold. She has not let us sit still all day. During the feedings we just had to let her cry. That can be a little hard on the nerves.

Rylee seems to be doing much better, she is just not sleepy.

Kari is wore out. She has been a trooper. We were going to switch shifts this evening and she was going to take the 11p.m. and 2 a.m. feeding but she just couldn't stay up anymore. The 11 and 2 work pretty well for me, I am kind of a night owl anyway. Although, I am scared to sleep between the feeds. After the other night when Jordan's alarm didn't wake me, I thought it would be best just to stay up till after the 2 o'clock feeding. Once I go to sleep I am pretty much dead to the world for three hours.

It is a little overwhelming thinking of all the doctor's appointments we are going to have to go to over the next few weeks. It is about all we can handle when we don't have to move them more that three feet. We go to the preemie eye doctor and the pediatrician on Monday. Then there is a cardiologist, sleep study, and a bunch more that I don't recall at the moment. I though that driving somewhere with two was work and they didn't have all the wires and O2 bottles to deal with.

Rylee definitely has a motherly instinct. She loves to watch the feeding and "help."

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  1. Jennifer said...
    So so sweet...hang in there! You're doing a great job!

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