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Wheres the beef?

We just realized that our diet has really taken a nose dive. Kari and I had a few minutes to chat between changing diapers and feeding kids. The conversation came around to "what do you want for dinner?" You know the response, Kari and I both give the same reply "I don't know, what do you want?"

I started to think about what I have eaten over the last couple of days. Well, lets see, yesterday I had some sliced ham left over on Rylee's high chair (scratching my head and thinking real hard, I came up with nothing else). The day before, hmmmm...I had a piece of Wayne's leftover cake. Maybe I would have a little more energy if I ate something. Ya think? So today I went into the fridge to cook all the ground beef that June and Wayne bought, but it had turned bad. So I got out the Pillsbury pizza dough to make a little "homemade" pizza. The dough was bad. I gave up and ate the half of a banana left on Reagan's highchair. I don't think that Kari has been doing much better. She never ate much to begin with.

So tonight when I went to the drug store and stopped at HEB I thought that I would get something precooked. So we would at least have something. But then I walked by the seafood counter and saw shrimp on sale. Pasta and shrimp sounded good and not to tough to make. By the time I got home it was 8 p.m. and time to feed the twins. We got done feeding the twins about 9:30 (because we got started a little late.) Then I realized that shelling and deveining the shrimp was taking a lot longer than I thought it would. At 10:20 Kari said she had to go to bed. And she was right, she should have been in bed about an hour ago and we had not even turned the heat on yet. So I gave up, put the shrimp in the fridge and ate the sugar coated curlers with a glass of white wine.

I guess we will try the shrimp tomorrow (its all prepared now) and I bought some frozen "heat and eat" kinda stuff for the next couple of days. Hungry Man is underrated, I think.

It is tough to find the time to cook. Any cooking really has to be started right after the five o'clock feeding. Right when the big girls are expecting dinner. So you have to cook, eat, feed the big girls, clean up, get teeth brushed, jammies on, and get bottles and meds ready between 6:15 and 7:45. Most times, lately, it just seems like too much work.

You sometimes just forget to eat. It is easier than you might think. I have been busy enough with screaming kids, carpet stains, telephones, baby alarms going off, and dogs under foot to forget that I was on my way to the bathroom an hour ago and now its an emergency.


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