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Rylee and Reagan: "Running through the halls of the Woman's Hospital is fun!"

Waiting for Mom and Jordan to come down. The built-in DVD player is a plus. Now showing: Toy Story.

Lets go home and play dress up.

First time to see sunlight after exactly 60 days in the NICU with no windows.

Well we have made it through the first night and we must be doing pretty well since I still have time to post on here. The folks next door are really great, they dropped by with homemade lasagna and peach cobbler. Just throw it in the oven and then devour.

More photos to come as we get the time. It takes awhile to upload and we have probably shot several gigabytes worth just in the last two days.

Thanks everyone for all the prayers, I believe that you are the reason our girls are doing so well.


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