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Could have done without that...

Rylee and Reagan are sick. And it is completely our fault. We had a flat tire the other day and we walked over to the mall while it was being fixed. While at the mall we allowed them to play where all the other filthy kids play. I can't imagine what we were thinking. Even though we slathered them liberally with anti bacterial foam they still got sick. Now we are being extra careful with washing everything before going near Jordan. I really hope that they have not passed it on. Even a cold could put her back in the hospital. We will have to monitor Jordan closely.

Last night was a bear. Rylee was up all night, I can't believe that she is awake right now. Reagan slept ok, thankfully. Kari took the 2 a.m. feeding even though I had agreed to take that one. I guess that I was more tired than I thought, because Jordan had an apnea episode while being fed and the alarm didn't wake me up. That is troubling to me. I was only slightly more with it when I got up to give her the 5 a.m. feeding. I found out that even plastic bottles can shatter if you drop them just right. Good thing for me that Rylee was up to "help."

We called the hospital this morning and the nurse told us that the doctor did not sign the discharge paperwork. We are not sure why. The nurse said that they may want her to complete the whole 5th day of being apnea free. I asked that the doctor call us back, but have not heard anything yet. We also have not received the oxygen machine for Madison yet. I am starting to get the feeling that Madison might not be coming home today.


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