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Staying busy

Kari with Madison

Jordan on the left and Madison on the right.
Do you think they are related?

The girls are doing well. No apnea today. Madison is more needy than Jordan so far. I think that she is still having some reflux problems.

We are still trying to find the most efficient way to feed the twins. We have tried one at a time, both in the lap, both propped up on pillows, one in the lap.

Sorry we have not been posting much. It has been really busy. Here is a day in the life of the Spencers: (Will, are you sure you still want to have kids? Just kidding they are great.)

7:45 Mom starts warming up the formula for the 8 a.m. feeding, starts another pot of coffee and mixes up some drugs for the kids. Pours milk for Rylee, who is always up before seven these days.

8:00 Mom changes diapers, takes temperatures, checks oxygen, reswaddles the kids and starts feeding.

8:15 Mom thinks "Boy Rylee has been quiet." A large crash is heard. No crying is heard, so that is good. Better go check anyway. It is a different mess each day. The house is pretty well baby proofed at this point, but the girls still excel at mess making.

8:22 Start the feeding agian.

8:30 Pause for the burps. Reagan is up now, but not crying too much. She can wait for a little bit.

8:45 Still trying to get that burp and finish feeding.

9:00 Clean up after the feeding. Burp cloths go to the dirty clothes, bottles to the sink, twins tucked in bed.

9:15 Get Reagan up and changed and a cup of milk in her hand. Feed the dogs. Feed the cat. Start another load of laundry. Pour another cup of coffee, which will ultimately be left on the counter top to get too cold to drink. Start cooking breakfast for the big girls. Do a load of dishes. Put the dogs outside. Clean up the big girls. Change some more diapers. Clean the high chairs. Let the dogs back in because they are barking at the dog next door. Dress the girls in day clothes (sometimes). Brush teeth. Ect... Don't forget checking on the twins about every 10 to 15 minutes because one or the other is crying. And you can't let Madison cry too long or she sets off her heart monitor.

10:30 Madison get more drugs.

10:45 Dad is up. Bottles are warmed. Coffee is poured (so that it can get cold). More diapers are changed.

11:00 See 8:00 and add Reagan. Reagan is usually pretty good during this feeding. Although, there are several pauses to see what the crying (or the silence) is all about.

12:15 Lunch (sometimes I even take the time to heat something up), clean up, change some more diapers, reheat some coffee and leave it on the counter to get cold.

13:00 Madison gets more drugs.

13:10 Take the girls up stairs to update the blog.

13:12 Open the web page to start typing.

13:13 Put Rylee in "time out" for pushing her sister down. Change some more diapers. Remember your coffee down stairs.

13:16 Get Rylee out of "time out" and sit back down to type.

13:17 Go check on the twins crying.

13:20 Give up on the blog for awhile and play with the kids on the floor.

13:45 Start warming bottles. Clean used bottles. Prepare more formula (if needed).

14:00 See 8:00. Pause to put Reagan down for a nap because she comes in about every 3 minutes to scream at us.

15:00 Get Reagan back up and change some more diapers. Coffee? I can't remember where I placed it to cool so I get a new cup and set it on the counter.

15:15 Actually type a bit on the blog, check the email, play with the kids a bit more.

16:00 Remember where I set the first cup and start a new pot.

16:30 Madison - drugs

17:00 See 8:00 only now both big girls are downright surly.

18:00 Diner for the big girls. Change some diapers. Where the heck is my coffee? More Dishes. More laundry.

18:45 Reheat some leftovers and sip a glass of wine.

19:00 Wonder if your body can take anymore coffee. Police the house for half filled cups of milk. (several look more like cottage cheese.) Baths for the big girls. (sometimes. At least I think that we wash them sometimes.)

19:30 Usually Rea is getting ready for bed. Brush teeth. Change some diapers.

19:45 Heat bottles

20:00 See 8:00 and throw in some more drugs.

Some where between 20:00 and 22:00 Kari goes to bed. We sleep upstairs, sleep is not possible in our bedroom with the twins.

21:00 Clean the kitchen, do more laundry, pick up toys, vacuum. Madison - Drugs. Put Rylee to bed for the first time or second time if she went to bed at 20:00.

22:00 Type on the blog, clean more, or do laundry. Make more coffee. Put Ry back in bed.

22:45 Heat bottles. Put Rylee back in bed.

23:00 See 8:00

00:00 Clean bottles. Do dishes. Do laundry. Take out the trash. Clean the cat's litter box.

01:00 Gather all coffee cups, wash, refill, repeat.

02:00 Feed See 8:00

03:00 Clean up. Try to doze till 04:30 when Kari gets up.

Between 03:00 and 05:00 is when the twins are really fussy. I often have to hold Madison on my chest to keep her quiet.

04:30 Madison gets more drugs Dad goes to bed upstairs.

05:00 Feeding. Between 5:00 and 7:00 Kari has Madison on her chest. I am not sure what it is with that time of day, but she is not happy then.

06:00 Rylee climbs into bed with me and pokes me in the eyes or sticks her fingers in my nose. If I remember to lock the door she just pounds on it for about 15 minutes then goes to poke Kari's eyes while she tries to sleep before the next feeding.

07:00 Rylee gets milk and cartoons are supplied. Those people who say you shouldn't use the TV as a baby sitter need a smack (or more kids).

07:45 It all starts over.

I think that the sleep deprivation effects your memory. I am really not sure how we are doing it, we are just doing it. We still manage to keep the yard mowed, the pool clean, the shopping done, and make the doctor appointments. It is exhausting. I think that the sleep deprivation effects your memory. That is why people have more children. I think that the sleep deprivation effects your memory.

Mom and Rylee off to the store.


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