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Proud Mama.



The twins got their RSV shots today. I have the big girls upstairs while Kari is down assisting the nurse. It is really nice that they will come to us. It is quite a production getting the twins loaded up to go anywhere. Tomorrow we have to take them in for "lab work." I am not sure exactly what they are testing for. I think it is to see if their meds need to be adjusted.

They are getting big. Jordan 7lbs. 9.6oz. and Madison 8lbs. 6.4 oz.

This whole affair is been quite taxing. Have you ever been so tired that it hurts? Kari finally made a doctor appointment for herself. The pain from her MVP has been worse. Hopefully some beta blockers will do the trick.

Rylee is a busy little girl. She now knows how to open the peanut butter jar by herself. (enough said - use your imagination.) Good thing that we have dogs. Oh, and Rylee is learning to share. The remainder of the jar she gave to Bunker.

It was really nice having Wayne and June come to visit. It happened to be Papa Wayne's birthday. We got some good pictures.

Reagan and Papa Wayne

Rylee was quite pleased to see Nana.

Rylee trying to get Wayne to play the "I'm guna git ya" game.

Reagan is pretty fond of Nana too.

Wayne with his cake

Kari and Madison.

Dad and Jordan. As you can see this is where we spend the majority of our time.

Wayne is a natural. That is Jordan he is holding... I think.

Left to right: Kari, Madison, Reagan, Nana, and Jordan. If you stop by, be ready to be put to work.

Rylee couldn't make it in to the office today so here she is getting a few things done on line. Those shapes are not going to match themselves.

Nana and Jordan.


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