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Last night was a little better

This is Rylee with Jordan at 4 a.m. I thought she was kind of cute with the thumb in the mouth and holding the binky for her sister.

Last night went a little smoother, although not much sleep. Rylee was up all night. She was not fussy, just awake. She was up at midnight and I put her back to bed. Up at two and I put her back in bed. At three I gave up let her stay up. (for awhile)

The eleven o'clock feeding went well and I tried to go to sleep at midnight. That is when Rylee came down. I couldn't get to sleep anyway. Rylee came back down to help with the two o'clock feeding. I gave her some water and took her back upstairs. Tried to sleep again at about 3:15. Amazingly, I was not feeling tired at that point, but knew that I would pay for not getting some rest. At about 3:17 I felt Rylee climbing into bed with me. At about 3:25 Jordan started crying. I calmed her down and got back in bed at 3:30. Madison started to fuss at 3:32. I just squeezed my eyes tighter and hoped she would go to sleep. Nope. I got her calmed down by about 3:45 when Jordan started up again. The binky keeps her calm, if you can keep it in her mouth. I gave up on sleep at this point and got Madi's meds ready. I went ahead and turned on some cartoons for Ry. I fed Jordan a little early because she was starting to fuss again. Kari came down at five, suprised that I had not gotten her up. Since I had left her earlier with three of the four kids screaming and I was feeling pretty good, I sent her back to bed. (she did not fight me on this issue.) At about 5:05 I started to wonder if she would be mad if I changed my mind. I was done feeding around 5:45, left the cartoons on for Rylee, locked the door so she would be contained, and got the bottles cleaned up. At 6:00 the fever came back on strong, Rylee got out of bed and had a fit that she couldn't open the door, and Madison started crying. I put Rylee back in her bed (she finally went to sleep for a bit), got Madison calmed again, and sweated and shivered til 8:oo.

We were supposed to have the girls at the lab as early as possible (because we didn't make it yesterday) so I took them after the 8:00 feeding. It is easier for me to take them because I no longer care how I look and going out in public without a shower doesn't bother me anymore.

It is not much fun watching your kids get stuck with a needle. Even though it for their own good. It is worse I think when you can't expain why you are letting someone stick them.

Anyway, I got two naps today and I think that I am on the mend. Thanks for the concern Mom, I think that I am going to live.

Kari tells me that Rylee took her diaper off three times and peed on the dinning room floor. Isn't that nice?

This post has taken all day to write and I am now off to do the 11 p.m. feeding.

Sorry, Mom, if the last couple of posts were a bit on the gloomy side. We had hit a bit of a low but doing much better now. It just took a couple of days of not paying any attention to the house and focusing on kids and sleep. I even got around to emptying the diaper pails today (good thing too. They were FULL and pretty ripe.) And Kari got the dishes done, which was no small task. I don't think we had any clean ones left. Can't wait for you guys to come see your grandkids.


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