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Mark is at the pediatrician with the twins. I keep hearing them cry and listening for alarms. I made bottles and washed laundry (now drying) Hopefully the twins bedding will be dry by the time they get home. I'm trying to get everything sorted, cleaned, mixed, and put away so Mark can go to sleep when he gets home. I so needed that extra few hours of sleep this morning. Now Mark needs to catch up. I really wanted to do a shift change anyway, so maybe we can do that today now that I'm more rested.

Reagan goes to her 15 month check-up on Wednesday or Thursday (thank goodness its written down). Then we are doctor free until ..... next week. LOL!

I have officially lost my mind, but my alter ego is still trying to keep her sanity. I keep repeating "Please Lord, give me patience to endure my blessings!!!"

My heart is giving me issues, highly due to stress. I need to make an appointment for beta-blockers, but when do we have the time?!? I know I need to just do it, before I have any major episodes and scare the crap out of Mark and I.

Pumping breastmilk is now down to 1-2 episodes. Again there is no time. I just need to let go of the guilt and rationalize things. Hard to do without sane mental faculties. I wish energy drinks were more tasty, I can't stomach them. I need to get some chocolate covered coffee beans .... yeah, that'll help the heart.

Reagan is up... so gotta go! We will update after the appointment is over, sometime in the next 48 hours.


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