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A bit of a scare this evening

I stepped out for about an hour after the 8 p.m. feeding. Kari called me about 20 minutes after I left the house. She was quite distraught, but she handled the situation well. Jordan had vomited...A LOT. It was up her nose, in her eyes, all over the bedding, and clogging her throat. Her apnea alarm sounded and when Kari got to her, Jordan was blue. Kari was unable to find the bulb syringe and feeling a bit frantic she turned Jordan over and cleared her mouth and throat with her finger and patted on her back. That got her breathing again and gave Kari some time to hunt for the syringe. Jordan seems fine now, but that episode left us with some lessons.

1. Always have the bulb syringe close by. (Which it was. Right where Kari put it, in the pocket on the side of the bassinet.)

2. Remember where we put the syringe. :)

3. Always have one of the phones in the bedroom. With all those wires the girls are not very portable. If we had to perform CPR it would be difficult to call for help.

4. Remember to thank God for those apnea monitors. The ones that we hoped we wouldn't have to have. I hate to think what would have happened if that alarm had not alerted Kari to the situation.


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