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Feelin better

I think I finally kicked the bug that was dragging me down. Now we are trying to play catch up. No vacuuming has been done in a couple of days and the fleas have reappeared. Boy do I hate fleas, they are really tough to get rid of. We may have to have them come and respray the house. We were hoping to avoid that, because it is such a production to vacate the house for four hours. We may have them come back on the 10th when we will have to be gone for the 6 hour sleep study.

Kari and I have been better about taking some naps and that has helped some. Although we don't get to spend much time together. I was really dragging earlier in the day. I got up to help Kari with the 11 a.m. feeding and then I let her nap till 4:30. That 2 p.m. feeding was a bear. I couldn't keep my eyes open. I kept dozing off and jerking awake to see if the bottle was still in Jordan's mouth and listening to see what trouble Rylee was getting into.

Rylee has been pretty good since the last post. Only a little coloring on the walls and a unintended dose of baby laxative. She had been a little uncomfortable and we had given her about half a dose and I didn't get the cap on tight enough.(A full dose of baby laxative works) I also underestimated her reach. She can get at almost anything on the counter and I caught her dragging a chair over to the counter yesterday for a little extra reach. Now all medication has been moved off the counter to the cupboards.

We have been feeling a little guilty about the small amount of attention our big girls have been getting. Poor Reagan has probably gotten the worst deal. Since she can't sit still and is less steady than Ry, she is not usually allowed up on the bed during feedings. Often we have to put her in her crib to cry it out while we feed the little ones. It is really nerve racking to have a little kid screaming at the top of her lungs when you are trying to deal with a vomiting baby. And only a little less troubling if they are screaming at you from their crib.

My Dad told me to get some help. And I thought that was a fine idea. But we are still working on that. I was thinking that I would pick up the phone and have someone here the next day. Well, I picked up the phone and then wondered "who should I call?" And again "What exactly do we need?" We do need something though, so I called our good friend Kelly and got the number for the nanny that she had used. I will be trying to call her tomorrow. But it is a Sunday and I am guessing that we won't have any help till Monday and the earliest. There are some folks across the street who have offered to help and some other friends who have offered to take Rylee and Reagan for a bit. However, it seems like so much to ask that we just haven't. We are now at the point, though, that we are about ready to swallow our pride and surrender. I think that Kari has had an especially hard time asking for help. I think that we both want some help, we just have a hard time asking for it. Kari has been very concerned with the particulars, when would they come? How long would they stay? Are they looking after just Rylee and Reagan or the twins? Do we need more help after Becka gets here or will that be enough?

I think we just need to get someone here and then work out the details. Maybe once we get the first step out of the way it will be a little easier.

We still haven't cooked the shrimp and now I am afraid to eat it. I wasn't too sure about the freshness the day I brought it home. I did have the macaroni and cheese that the girls didn't eat though.


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