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I can't believe you wrote that.

Kari was offended by my last post. So hear is my public apology. Sorry shuga.

I didn't mean to start a war. But I still think its funny and she says she still loves me even when I annoy her. She also says that she will get me back.

We are both operating in a semi stupor most of the day. For instance, we have no coffee cups in the cupboard because all are half full and sitting somewhere in the house. Today I had to unwrap Jordan to see if I had changed her diaper, after I had just gotten her reswaddled. I had changed her but I just could not remember for sure. Most times that I enter a room it takes at least 30 seconds to remember why I entered the room. I have not see my car keys in weeks.

Rylee has made our lives more interesting today. We have learned that she needs to be monitored a little more closely.


Kari walked to the bottom of the stair case on her way to lay Reagan down for a nap. As she approached the stairs she heard Rylee's voice coming from the top. Kari looked up expecting to see her peering down from between the spindles. Instead she saw Rylee looking down at her from the out side of the railing about 12 feet above the marble floor. She had climbed to the very top of the staircase on the outside of the rail and was supporting herself with her toes on the 2" lip that runs outside the railing. It took all of Kari's will power not to scream. She didn't want to startle Rylee while she was in such a precarious position. Rylee, however, must have known that she should not have been up there because she started coming down immediately with a "I've been caught" look on her face. It makes my hands sweat to think about it. We have never hit our children, but Rylee got a swat on the bottom for that one.


Rylee likes to play outside on the back patio. We usually let her out there and check on her every five minutes or so. We have the area pretty well kid proofed. The gate to the pool is locked and also secured with a leather strap and there is not much else she can get into. If you turn the hose on she will play quietly for a long time. Filling the dog dish and then pouring it out is the favorite pass time. Today she thought that it would be fun to climb up on the chair and water everything on the table.
"Don't leave anything electronic out where there is a child with a hose" is the lesson of the day.


While Kari and I were tending to the twins in the bedroom we notice that it was a little too quiet. Kari went out to check on the big girls and found that Rylee had gotten into the cabinet below the fish tank. Dad had forgotten to move the bottle of algae killer to a more inaccessible location. She dumped the entire bottle on the kitchen floor and was helping Reagan to smear it around. Fortunately none was ingested and the mess was on tile flooring.

Reagan is really developing. We don't usually let her feed herself with silverware, just because it is so much faster to spoon feed her. Last night I let her go at a bowl of lasagna by herself though and I was impressed with her dexterity. She did get "a little bit" on her face but I think we might have a surgeon on our hands.

The twins seem to doing just fine. Madison has been a little fussy this morning and we can't figure out what her problem is. Jordan vomited again last night. That only seems to happen after 2 a.m. I am amazed how far a 6 pound child can project partially digested formula. Also amazing is how fast that formula moves. (especially when it is aimed at your face.) She honestly has more "water pressure" than my back yard hose. Well, laundry gives us something to do. You know what they say about idle hands.


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