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And I thought looking after two was tough. Kari is off to the doctor with the little ones and I have Ry and Rea. Two toddlers is a cake walk. I guess it is all relative.

We are still doing it, but we sure are tired. Kari was going to get up for the 5 a.m. shift but she didn't get to bed till late and was exhausted. So I took all the shifts last night. I feel pretty good for having less than 30 minutes of sleep. Fortunately the big girls are being good. ----Were being good--- Rylee just unloaded half of Reagan's closet and locked her sister in the crawl space. It sometimes takes all day to write one post.

Last night Kari and I started adding up how many bottles and how many diapers we go through in a week. 182 diapers per week and 112 bottles of formula. The diaper estimate is on the low side.

Kari got some good shots of Rylee and Reagan "helping" me wash the dogs.

We still need to work on "share." They both like to spray the hose.

Guess what happens next.

Yep. Should have seen that coming.

Reagan was a good sport about it though.

Kari just got back from the eye doctor and the little girls don't have ROP anymore. GOOD!


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