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I woke up this morning to the sound of Reagan screaming and Kari trying to calm her. She has learned to take her diaper off... There was quite a mess in the crib... Not the best way to start the day. Things have improved though.

Kari bought a new stroller. (See the photos below) It is the biggest thing I have ever seen. I am honestly not sure that it will fit in the truck, at least with the back seat up. The girls seemed to approve of the purchase and wanted a ride. The ride was not long enough for Rylee and resulted in a tantrum, which landed her in a time out.

The girls also really enjoyed the box that the stroller came in, which reinforces my belief that kids like the packaging more than the gifts in the packages.

Kari went out to do some shopping and get a hair cut today. Not normally big news, I know, but this is the first time I have looked after all four girls at the same time for an extended period. It is a little challenging but not too bad.

I even had time to snap some photos for the family to enjoy.

The little girls are doing very well. No significant issues today. Like they say, "No news is good news."

Don't turn your back on them for a second or this might happen.

It is fun to chew on "color magic" coloring books.

This beast is called the "Caboose" And yes it is about the size of a train car.

It doubles as a Jungle Gym. I am making a sand pit for it in the back yard.

Don't you remember playing in the boxes. It is fun to relive your youth through your children.

Guess what happens next... No, I wouldn't do that to my kid!

Reagan likes ice.

Madison working on a burp.


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