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Jordan is home! It took longer than expected to get her discharged (which should have been expected) but at the end of the day we have our little girl home. It was about a seven hour ordeal and the big girls were very good ... for most of it. The last 30 minutes of the car ride home Reagan had a full on screaming fit, which continued for most of the next 2 hours as we were trying to get Jordan settled in and fed.

We are feeling a little scatter brained at the moment and the reality of the work ahead has really sunk in, at least for me. I think I need a nap already.

Rylee is fascinated with the new baby in the house and enjoyed petting Jordan's head while I fed her. This is going to be lots of fun. More fun when we don't have to feed them every 3 hours, but I find it to be worth the lost sleep.

Madison should be home on Monday. I don't see any reason at this point that there will be any more delays for her. The only reason she is not home today is because the doctors wanted to see how she would do without O2. If they had left her alone, like Jordan, I am sure that she would be home now too. I don't fault the doctors, but it is a little frustrating. I think that I am having a harder time leaving Madison at the hospital than I did leaving both there initially.

I will post some photos when I get a bit more time. (maybe next year...Ha ha ha ahhhhh)


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