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Tomorrow is the day for Jordan

The doc says that Jordan would have come home tonight but she has a fever. Actually both girls have a fever of around 101 most likely due to the immunizations. Assuming that was the reason for her fever, and the fever subsides, the doctor's are discharging Jordan tomorrow morning.

Kari is out stocking up on formula and a few other last minute items and says that now she is excited. I hope we haven't gotten our hopes up (again) for nothing. We were trying to rope the some friends into watching the "big girls" when we go to pick up Jordan but have not had any luck so far. I guess it will be a family affair.

Madison should be coming home on Monday. I guess the work really starts now.

I did manage to get time off from work, but they are not being gracious about it. I would have thought that since their biggest philanthropy is "The March of Dimes" that I would get a little more understanding. Every time I talk to the chief it is as if he has never heard of me. I feel like I am getting a guilt trip even though I am allowed this time off per the federal family leave act. I am quite disappointed at the the way I have been treated. However, I am getting what I want, just not with the smile that I was hoping for. (Sorry to vent there, I just had to get that off my chest.)


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