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Jordan's hand with Dad's ring. I should have taken this shot before they got so big.

Madison is doing much better on the reflux meds. The doctor is going to do her sleep study this weekend. We are one step closer to bringing her home. She is now 4 lbs. 11oz.

Jordan is low on Hematocrit witch may be part of the reason that she is still breathing so fast. Last night she was breathing too fast to be bottle fed. I guess that I kind of expect two steps forward and one step back at this point. She may need to have another blood transfusion before she goes home. She is now 3 lbs. 13 oz., two pounds bigger than at birth and almost to the four pound mark. It is nice to see her doing so well.

We are still hoping to bring them home together, but I think that Madison will be ready first. Madison may be ready next Tuesday.

We have found a pediatrician that we are comfortable with after a couple of interviews. I think that we will be pleased with this one. The first doctor that we interviewed had an office that was so filthy I thought that I may need a tetanus shot just for walking in there.


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