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Its a race to the finish

Jordan is ahead by a nose now. The doctor said today that Jordan may be ready to come home on Friday. Madison, who has been doing better from the start, is still having A's and B's and we don't know when she will be released. At any rate Kari and I, with the "big girls" in tow are heading downtown for training on the apnea monitors tomorrow morning. I think that training will be for the portable monitors and on Thursday people are supposed to show up with all the home equipment. I am off to Mexico tomorrow afternoon and will miss the training on Thursday. It didn't occur to me till tonight that it might be a requirement for me to be there on Thursday. I guess we will find out.

I fed both girls today and they are both eating well. Boy, are they getting big in a hurry. Jordan's blood transfusion went well and they think with this last one that they may be able to take her off the oxygen soon. Jordan should be moved to a crib tonight, instead of the incubator. Although she is coming along very well, I find it hard to believe that she will be home on Friday. She still has to have a sleep study done and Madison still hasn't gotten the results from hers. So I will be pleasantly surprised if Jordan actually comes home Friday.

The big bind for me is when to use the family leave. I should be able to move my vacation but all the rest of the time I take off will be unpaid. So this "they will come home this, they will come home next week." has been a little frustrating. I need to give the chief pilot a little heads up, but don't want to lose out on pay if the girls are not going to be coming home.


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