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Kari and I were struck this evening by how lucky we have been. As we reviewed the last couple of weeks and some of the conversations that we have had with different doctors, it hit me that we could have easily lost both of those little girls.

Kari saw Dr. Ritter, the doctor who delivered the girls, last week and he was very pleased that the twins were doing so well. He indicated that he had been concerned about weather or not he had made the right decision to take the girls out that early. At that point the girls future, at least in his mind, was very uncertain. For the record, we think that he did make the right choice.

I went to visit the girls yesterday before work and chatted with some of the nurses while I was feeding Jordan. We got on to the subject of how lucky we felt and how scary it was having the girls in the level 3 NICU. I related the story of little Ollie who lived next to Jordan and how I didn't think that he survived. One of the nurses confessed to being there when the little guy passed away. We had suspected that he was gone, but to know for sure was a bit of an emotional blow. Kari and I became attached to him in that short time, prayed for him lots, and really hoped that he would pull through. I feel terribly sad for his family and also very fortunate that our girls didn't run into any major complications.

I want to thank everyone again for all the prayers. I know that they helped. I feel that we are past the point of any life threatening complications and are just waiting for the girls to grow a bit more. It has been a bit frustrating. At first it was hard to believe that we were going to be able to bring Madison home. Now that we have come to grips with the fact that we are and soon, the delays are troubling. Madison is still having some trouble with the apnea. Although, some of the episodes have been caused by the doctors lowering her oxygen, during feeding, to see if she was ready to go without. We are not yet sure if these count toward the 5 days that she must be apnea free before going home.

The last I heard from Dr. Stafford on Saturday was that Madison should be able to come home early this week and Jordan toward the end of the week or maybe next week. They will both be on monitors for the apnea/ Bradycardia and Jordan on oxygen. Madison will likely require oxygen only when feeding.

Keep your fingers crossed that it will be soon and that we wasted our time taking that CPR class.


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