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Madison is officially a Level 2 "grower and feeder" even though she has not been moved upstairs to the level 2 NICU because it is full. She now weighs 3 lbs 10.2 oz. and has had no A's and B's since the 24th. She has been put on diuretics because of a little fluid in the lungs. The fluid was causing her respiration to go up to higher than normal levels.

Jordan is doing well also and we hope that she will be off the CPAP soon. She was down to 21% O2 last night (room air) and if she stays there for awhile with fewer A's and B's she can move up to the nasal cannula. It is much nicer to hold the girls without the CPAP. You almost need three hands to keep the prongs stuck in her nose and her head in a position that is not cutting off the air supply.
She had her PIC line (central line - the IV that went to the large vessel near her heart) removed. That is another big step.

Now they both need to continue to breath well and learn to suck, swallow and breath at the same time. Once they are getting 8 feedings from a bottle and can maintain their temperatures they will be ready to come home. It is anyones guess how long that will take. Some babies get it right away and some take weeks or months to figure it out.


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