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Countdown tests....

Today Madison is having her sleep study do over. Tomorrow Jordan is doing her sleep test...hope she studied.

Monday both girls get an echocardiagram to check their lungs. Last time Madison's was clear, and Jordan's had a little bit of lung disease left. Also both girls are getting an ultrasound on the kidney function.

Tuesday both girls are getting their eyes checked again. Last time Madison was good, and Jordan had mild to moderate ROP.

They will both be getting their vaccines. Both are just on oxygen for just feeds. Both are eating well. Jordan likes to be cozy, so I need to bring in footed pj's. I did laundry last nite and realize we need more pj's under 6#'s. I had bought 6 and realize this is only 3 for each girl and with Madison having reflux I could be doing laundry 24hrs a day.

And hopefully...Tuesday night or Wednesday both girls will be coming home. That's the plan Stan!


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