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More set backs / R.O.P.

Last night after our CPR class Kari and I stopped by the NICU to see the girls. We didn't have much time to spend since our neighbor was looking after Rylee and Reagan for 4 hours already and we needed to head home. The results of the latest eye exams where taped to their beds. Madison has no problems, but Jordan has "mild to moderate R.O.P."

R.O.P. is retinopathy of prematurity. This means that the blood vessels in Jordan's eyes have not developed correctly. The abnormal vessels can block out light and damage the retina by pulling on it, possibly even causing the retina to detach from the wall of the eye. I have learned that 50% of babies with a birth weight between 750 and 1000 grams, like our girls, get R.O.P.

The good news is that most cases of R.O.P. spontaneously cure themselves by three to four months after the due date. Some cases require corrective lenses before the first year and some require surgery.

So we are disappointed that Jordan has another issue to contend with, but optimistic about the outcome.


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