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What do we do now?

I just had to share this story that Kari related to me. Yesterday Kari was visiting the girls and as she was holding Madison she was watching a young Indian couple preparing to take their first born home. Their nurse was busy feeding another baby at the time and the conversation went something like this: (you have to imagine this with a heavy Indian accent.)

Indian Father: Do I bring the car seat back up here?

Nurse: No, you just needed it up here for the training.

Indian Father: So I put it in the car?

Nurse: Yes.

Indian Father: Then how do we get the baby to the car?

Nurse: We will put your wife in a wheelchair and she will hold the baby.

Indian Father: Then I take the car seat out to put the baby in?

Nurse: No, the car seat stays in the car.

Indian Father (with a slightly terrified look): What do we do when we get home?

Nurse (to the other nurse): Will you finish feeding this one so that I can help them?

While I did not see this exchange, I got a pretty good laugh out of it. I could just picture the expression on his face. I can picture it because I know that I have had that exact look on my face. And It is nice to not be the novice anymore.

So far we are still on track for bringing the girls home on Friday. Assuming Jordan's sleep study goes well and Madison continues with no A's and B's.

Kari is feeling skeptical. I think that it might actually happen.

We still need another oxygen machine for Madison and we have not heard from those people yet. However, we did get all of their prescriptions filled. It took the pharmacist two trips to the back to bring it all to the counter. We've got caffeine, Diuril, potassium, sodium, iron, vitamins, Reglan, Ranitidine, and a few others that I have forgotten. We could open our own pharmacy here. This should be interesting I can't even remember to take my own vitamins. Some of these are once a day, some are every 8 hours, some are every 12 hours, some are to be mixed with formula, and some are given directly. We are going to have to be more organized that we are now.


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