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Hip Hip Hooray!

I am so over the moon shaking like a leaf in a Texas wind.

I just got a call from the girls doctor. Madison will be coming home the middle to the end of next week! She is now on 6 bottles a day. She has been taken off oxygen since noon yesterday. They stopped her caffeine and hopefully she will manage without it. Otherwise she may come home on caffeine. She (both girls) will be coming home on apnea monitors. (Thank God) They will call and set up delivery and training tomorrow or Monday. Mark and I will have to take infant CPR this week. Madison is now 4# .6oz. Wow! We need to get a great pediatrician (the neonatalogist will help us with that this weekend), carseats ready, oh my mind is racing!

Jordan is now 3# 4.2. Doctor wants her to keep her energy to grow so he is holding off on bottles at this time. Her breathing rate has slowed down to a likable level. So we just need her to feed and grow. I'm thinking she is about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks behind Madison, maybe less.

I am just so darn excited and nervous. We thought things have been crazy, and I'm realizing it is just beginning! Luckily Mark is scheduled to be off Monday thru Friday. We have a lot to do!


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