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Kari got home from the hospital around midnight and had gotten her second wind. That always seems to happen to us after we get to hold the girls. It makes it hard to get back on schedule the next day.

Jordan was too hot to hold (sounds like a song title). Her increased temperature was causing her rate of breathing to increase and so Kari was not able to hold her last night. Apparently the only people allowed to adjust the temperature in the Isollette are the doctors and so Jordan was forced to sweat it out until one showed up. Kari said that it helped when Jordan was placed on her back. However, when she is on her back she tends to pull off all of the leads for the monitors to which she is connected.

Kari says that it is really nice to have them in Level 2. They are situated right next to one another and she could at least look at Jordan while she was holding Madison. The other nice thing about Level 2 is that you can hold your children for as long as you want. In Level 3 you get 30 minutes only, to prevent them from becoming over stimulated. Although, I always thought that they looked more relaxed when we were holding them.

Madison continues to do really well. Kari says that the little pig guzzled down a whole bottle in 5 minutes. I think that she may be ready to come home very soon.

We continue to pick up interesting tips from the NICU staff. Last night Kari learned from one of the nurses that if you are having trouble getting a burp all you have to do is stroke the top of her head. That causes her to relax and the burp comes right out. Kari says it works like a charm. She also found that a binky in the mouth gets rid of the hiccups.

I am happy to report that Rylee and Reagan have learned teamwork. While I have been typing this they quietly let themselves into Reagan's room and completely unloaded Reagan's dresser. There was not a thing left in any drawer. It is amazing how much stuff fits into one dresser.


  1. Jennifer said...
    It's so good to hear the updates!! Great idea on the blog spot by the way!! Keep them coming...Love yall!
    Cheryl said...
    Sounds like things are going well! We love you guys and are praying for you all!!

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