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Kari spoke with the doctor yesterday and yes, the delay continues. Maybe next week for the home coming. Maybe Madison really doesn't want to leave her sister at the hospital. Again we so badly want them to come home, but want them to be ready.

On the home front all is well. The two big girls are growing like weeds. Reagan is really developing. She has started to utter a word here and there. It seems fitting that "airplane", said with her little index finger pointed at the sky, is one of the first.

Rylee has become good at opening doors and is an early riser (not a good combination for us). Fortunately, she isn't able to open the doors leading outside yet. She likes to get up before anyone else to empty the kitchen drawers and unload the book cases. This morning I woke up to a breakfast bar being stuck in my eye. She can get into the pantry but has some trouble with unwrapping those tasty treats. It is nice when she climbs into bed with us, at least for the first 15 minutes, until she starts squirming. It is not so nice to wake up to a distant crashing sound somewhere in the house. I like to think that we have the house pretty kid proof, but this little girl continues to amaze me with her ingenuity.

Another lesson learned, Rylee should not be allowed near the pool pump without close supervision. At some point yesterday, while we were playing in the back yard, she adjusted the valves so that all the water in the jacuzzi would be pumped into the pool. This morning the jacuzzi was as dry as a bone. No harm done, but it was a bit of a shock.


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