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This could take awhile

Madison's sleep study came back and it was not good. She had 173 desaturations (desats - the percentage of O2 in her blood drops below about 90%) over the six hours of the sleep study. The doc said they sometimes see as many as 30 or 40 and she was shocked to see so many. Obviously these were not long enough or bad enough to set off the alarms, but disturbing none the less. They don't think that it is reflux and are planning to up her caffeine dosage and put her back on O2. Her average saturation is 96%, which is good and they hope that with the increased caffeine she will not need the oxygen. Madison will get another, longer sleep study in the next few days.

Jordan will not be coming home on Friday. She is still in the incubator and has not had her sleep study done yet. The sleep studies are read by pulmonary specialist over at Texas Children's and it can take awhile to get results back. Even if the study comes back "good" it will take some time. The temperature in the incubator has to be slowly reduced to make sure that she can control her own temperature and that takes time. When she can control her temperature she will be moved to a crib.

The doctor was still pressing for discharge on Friday, but when I told her that I was sceptical and that I needed to give my employer notice she said maybe over the weekend. The reality is that they just don't know yet, but want us to be ready.

I knew this was going to happen and it still feels like a complete downer. It is times like this that I have to remind myself how well they are really doing and we were told at the beginning not to plan on bringing the girls home until their due date at the earliest.


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