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I just got off the phone with Dr. Stafford and she has moved Jordan to Level 2. As with Madison the move is in status only at this point and she will be moved to the Level 2 NICU when there is an opening. This means that the girls will stay together, at least in the same nursery if not the same pod. That may not mean much to them at this point, but it sure makes Kari and I happy. It just seems right that they should stay as close together as possible. It will be difficult for us if we get to bring one of them home and leave the other at the hospital. It is likely that we will bring Madison home first, but you never know.
Jordan has not had a bottle yet because she is still breathing too fast. They X-rayed her lungs again and she still has some fluid. The doctor says that if she continues this way that they will start her on more diuretics on top of the ones that she is already getting. She may also be suffering from the lung disease that is associated with premature birth and/or scaring of the lungs from being on the ventilator when she was born. This should all be resolved with time.

Madison is doing really well. She is now getting three bottles per day. If she continues to finish them in less than 15 minutes (she has been finishing in 7 - 10 minutes) they will increase the bottle feeds by one per day until she is eating solely from bottles.

On the home front Kari got the SSI application done today and so we should have Medicade to help out with what our insurance does not cover. This is a relief since we keep getting letters from our insurance company saying "You may owe this amount to your service provider." And some of the amounts are jaw dropping. I would guess that we (the insurance company)will have spent at least one million dollars per child by the time we are done with this.

Rylee and Reagan are doing well. We have been working on "sharing" and have found that it is not a natural human behavior. We have also been working on "not pushing your sister down" and have found that this is a natural humane behavior.


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