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Jordan weighed in last night at 2lb 13.5oz. She is still eating 24cc's every three hours. The doctor called today and said they will try to take her off CPAP in a few days. She has been a very good girl with no A's or B's.

Madison was dressed in a hat, t-shirt, and blanket last night and they lowered her isolette warmer to see if she can maintain her own body temperature. As of this afternoon, she is maintaining well. She will also start bottle feeds. Her first try is tonight @ 8pm. Daddy will be there for it, although he doesn't know it yet. He gets in from Vancouver soon, and he will head to the hospital from the airport. I'll have him take more pictures.

Wanted to add a note about the older girls as well.

Reagan is cutting two more teeth, and doing very well with only minor fussing.
Rylee decided to expand her art mediums. She found sharpies! And she found they color very well on cabinets, walls, and herself. Luckily, momma found that baking soda paste took it off the cabinets and walls. I'm still working on her skin, although I have gotten it faded quite a bit.

More tonite or in the morning after Mark's visit.


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