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Reflux is good news

Madison had a G.I. exam today. They put some dye in her milk and then took an Xray to see if she had reflux, as they expected. She does, and that has been causing her to have the A's and B's. Now they are giving her Zantac to control the reflux and estimate that both girls will be able to come home on next Tuesday or Wednesday. Madison now weighs 4 lbs. 6.9 oz.

Jordan is up to seven bottles and will likely be getting nothing but bottles tomorrow. She is now 3 lbs. 11 oz. The doctors have kept her O2 at 100% so that she can spend her energy growing instead of breathing.

The medical equipment company should be showing up soon to set up all the oxygen and monitors. We have interviewed one pediatrician so far and have a meeting with another one tomorrow. After a two hour class, that provides about 20 minutes of information, Kari and I are fully trained in infant CPR. I think that we have most of the bases covered and can't wait to have our girls home.

Instead of hiring a nurse, I have decided to get a set of scrubs to wear around the house and start billing the insurance company for my time.


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