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Hurry up and wait

We really thought that at least one girl would be coming home during the middle of this week. I have been trying to balance optimism with realism and trying to prepare myself for set backs. It hasn't worked. I was sure that we could bring one home this week.

We spoke with Dr. Stafford on the phone today and both girls are still having issues. Jordan had an episode last night. Well, three episodes actually, while feeding. I am guessing that she just got some milk "down the wrong pipe" and hope that she will still do well on her sleep study. Jordan got her last couple of meals last night through a tube and she is back on O2 for the time being. They also decided not to put her in the crib yet, with all the other issues they thought that she had enough to deal with.

Madison had another Apnea during her latest sleep study. They won't have the official results for a day or two but I am not expecting it to show a stellar performance.

At any rate, nobody is coming home till at least the end of the week. And I think that the end of the week would be very optimistic. I don't expect that the girls will be ready till at least next week or maybe longer.

I know that the doctors are not trying to get our hopes up and then dash them back down, but it sure is frustrating.


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