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Jordan pulled her feeding tube out and almost choked herself last night. Even thou it is taped in place, if you give it a good yank it can come out. She had pulled the tube up until the tip was at the back of her throat and we suspect that her last feeding went into her throat instead of her stomach. At any rate, it was a good thing that she was on her side instead of on her back.
The nurse who saw this had just come on duty and was a little concerned that the previous nurse had not noticed it. She said that she would follow up with the charge nurse to make sure that it doesn't happen again.
This was the first time that I held Jordan with out her CPAP and it sure was nice. She seemed to like it too. Her heart rate slowed from about 160 to about 135 the whole time I was holding her. She looked very content.

Well I got the lawn mowed, but didn't get to the hospital till very late. However, I made it just in time to feed Madison. It doesn't seem like feeding your kid with a bottle would be a big deal, but it sure is a big step. The nurse says that she has never seen a preemie at this stage do so well with the bottle. (Our kids are exceptional, right?) Madison is getting chunky. She just broke the 4 pound mark.


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