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To pee or not to pee

Papa went home yesterday. He was a really big help and we wish that he could have stayed longer, but we will take what we can get. We started a painting project that we were both sure would be done in a couple of hours. It is day three and it is still not done. We had to go buy more paint, and I ran out again before I finished this evening.

The twins are doing very well. Jordan is now getting Reglan and Zantac like her sister and it really seems to be helping. There has been less vomiting and she is eating quite a bit more. We have been keeping them off the monitors more often. Their skin was getting very irritated from the sticky stuff on the leads. Now we just hook them up when they are sleeping or when we "think" they will be sleeping.

The nights can still be a bit of a bear sometimes. Last night at around 1:00 they both decided to cry at the same time and were pretty fussy till about 5:00. I guess it is natural to want to fix it right now. Even though I know that they are ok and can wait a few minutes, it still stresses me out when they are both riled up at the same time.

I have a different diaper changing technique than Kari. She likes to live on the edge and will take the dirty one off before putting the new diaper in place. Thus leaving a naked infant on the unprotected bed for several seconds. I, on the other hand always slide the new diaper underneath the kid before removing the old one. This has saved me many times.

However, last night it did not. Since they were both crying, I was rushing to get a new diaper on Jordan. I got the new one in place and unfastened the wet one. As I was starting to remove the soiled garment Jordan got a hold of the leads to her monitor and was about to pull them off. So I paused long enough to untangle her, leaving the diaper in place. While I was trying to get the wires out of her vise like grip she dislodged the new diaper with her flailing legs. It was at this point that she peed and it ran off the old diaper onto the new one and off of that onto the bed. I lifted her legs to survey the damage. It wasn't too bad, new pajamas were in order, but there was only a small spot on the bed.

So I had two wet diapers, wet pajamas, a wet swaddling blanket and damp sheets. I thought, well, since she already "went" I didn't need the protective new diaper underneath. I balled them up and secured them with their little velcro straps and turned to get a new diaper from the pack. Then "No, No, NO, NOOO!" she really let loose. It was like watching a car crash. Time slowed down. I tensed, ready to spring into action, but it was too late.

Is it just girls that can start and stop and start again? Because, I can't do that. There is no stopping until the bladder is empty for the boys. Anyway, I pulled up the sheets to prevent it from soaking down to something that is not washable. Madison was still crying and Jordan was fairly calm so I put her in the swing and started feeding Madison. She got most of the way through the bottle before Jordan started crying again. So I stood up and patted Madison on the back. Pat, pat, pat, BOOM! "Oh great!" So I took my, vomit covered, shirt off got Madison clean and calm and got part way through feeding Jordan before Madison needed me again.

I got both kids fed, sheets changed, and myself sort of clean (splashed some water on myself, put on deodorant, and a squirt of cologne.) by shift change.

Here are a few more pictures. I have more, but just have not had the time to upload them yet. More soon.

Rylee is becoming quite a ham when you point the camera at her now.

The girls are quite fond of Grandmom and Papa.

Note: Those white painting suits only stop splatters. If you wipe your hands on them you will get paint on your Dry Clean Only pants.

Rylee likes riding on Papa's shoulders.

Saint Grandmom and Dad with the twins.


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