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It has been an interesting morning.

I fear that I may be becoming redundant in what I am reporting, but when you sleep most of the day and rarely leave the house I guess that will happen.

Our girls have been known to take their diapers off in the middle of the night. It happens often enough that it is not really a surprise. It is, however, unusual for both of them to take off their diapers on the same night. I think it may have happened once in the past. That and the fact that Rylee's diaper is still M.I.A., is why I am sure that aliens came down last night and stole them.

At 4:57 a.m. Madison came out of a fitful slumber and was in the mood to be fed. Five is the normal shift change, so even though I was feeling pretty good, I went upstairs to wake Grandmom. If I don't get some sleep about then I will be out for the rest of the day.

I am always amazed how my Mother can just jump out of bed and be ready for action. I get up, stumble around like a drunk, stub my toe at least once (This wakes you up almost as much as coffee), splash some water on my face, and remain in a semi-conscious state for twenty minutes to an hour or more. So Grandmom came down and I helped heat the formula and get her settled with Madison. I then went upstairs and climbed into bed with Kari, who had possession of all the good pillows and was reluctant to give up covers. I finally got situated and tried in vain to go to sleep. This was around 5:20.

Just as I was starting to dose off I heard Reagan crying. Her voice is really starting to develop. I shut my eyes tighter, thinking Grandmom will get her. That is a little selfish I guess, but that is what I did. Well, we had turned down the baby monitor down stairs so Grandmom didn't hear her and after about 10 minutes I had to get up to check on her. I had not gotten to sleep yet anyway. I glanced at my watch, 7:03.

Reagan must have frightened the aliens off before they could complete their work, because her diaper was only half off. Just enough for her to pee on the bed. She must have been standing at the railing when she did because most of it was on the floor and I didn't notice it with the lights off. I just felt the mattress and incorrectly determined that it was dry and figured that I had dodged another bullet. I took Rea down stairs and changed her and put her back in what I thought was a dry crib. I waited for a few minutes out side Reagan's door to see if she was going to go down. It sounded like she would so I returned to bed.

7:39 Creeeeek. I saw the silhouette of a two year old at the door. I invited her to come snuggle with us. You can sometimes get another ten minutes of sleep before you get kicked in the crotch or a finger in the nose. However, she didn't move toward the bed, she pulled up her night gown and pointed. "Oh, I see. Would you like some new panties?" That is what we are trying to call them now, "panties." To help the transition to using the potty. It is going slowly, probably because we don't have the time to really work with her on that. So I rolled back out of bed, scooped her up and headed to the upstairs changing table. She started to fuss, pointing down and saying "downstairs" (sounds like ounsayers but means downstairs.) So I set her down and started to walk down stairs. She did not follow. I went to pick her up. That was the wrong move because she launched into a tantrum. I finally got headed downstairs and she settled down till we got to the downstairs changing table and I pulled out a new pull-up diaper. That was not the one that she wanted to wear and she had a fit. It can be very VERY difficult to diaper a two and a half year old who does not want to be diapered. So she got a time out. By this time we had woken up Grandmom who was semi-sleeping down with the twins.

So I am standing there with my back to a half naked, screaming, toddler and my mother is looking at me like "aren't you being a little harsh?" I could see that Grandmom wanted to go hug her, but to her credit she did not interfere and offered to help. There was not much she could do at that point so she went back to check on the twins. After our three minute cooling off period I finally got a new diaper on Rylee, although that was clearly not what she wanted. I put her down on the floor and she went to the living room where she insisted that we install a new diaper that she had placed on the couch. I am not sure if this was the one that she was wearing last night, since I never could find that one, but it was dry so I gave up, strapped that one on her, and she was happy again. I still don't know why that diaper was better than the other, but it made a difference to Rylee.

By this time Reagan was awake again, so I put Rylee in the highchair, popped some waffles in the toaster, and went to get Reagan. That is when I saw that I had not dodged a bullet and had only given it time to soak into the carpet.

I left the big girls munching on waffles, gave Grandmom a hug and went to sop up the urine soaked carpet.

At eight something I got back to bed to stare at the ceiling some more. Somewhere around 9:30 I drifted off and at 11:00 Kari came in to ask if I wanted to be up for the 12:00 interview. I just couldn't do it, so I didn't get to meet her. Kari and Grandmom seemed to like her though. I finally got back up just after 4:00 and found that it had been a rough day for Kari and my Mom also. Both big girls were not themselves and we hope that they are not coming down with something.

Kari is still feeling rotten and we did not get her to bed as soon as we had hoped. At about 9:45 I realized that I had given the twins the wrong medication at 8:00 p.m. and we spent about 45 minutes calling the doctor and poison control to see how bad that might be. Turns out that we are still under the max dose for the medications that they are taking, but it was a little scary and I really felt like an idiot. I have resolved to be much more careful in the future.

Both twins are being very good so far this evening, I hope that it continues.


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