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Baby's Breath

Last night Mark was painting the dining room with what I believe was the fourth coat of paint. Note to others, use a primer even if you are painting a deep orange over another bright orange. Especially if you are painting flat on top of semi-gloss. I believe the dining room will be done by Thanksgiving. I was hoping it would be done by Halloween, but I like longer goals, so I will be pleasantly surprised when they are accomplished sooner.

Speaking of Halloween, I have not been as prepared as I normally am. I usually have the costumes in hand by the end of August. I went out last week and the pickings were slim. Rylee is going to be Snow White and Reagan is going to be an angel. The twins are going to be miracles (no dressing up required). I did manage to get some candy (of course, the kind that I will eat after Halloween) before the shelves were emptied. Next year I'll put more thought into it and coordinate the four girls, decorate the house, and hopefully have a truly spooky fun filled time.

So, anyway, last night I sent grandmom to bed. She looked exhausted and ready to fall into a deep sleep. For some reason, I was awake with no desire to go to bed. Grandmom had been holding Jordan because she was being fussy. I took over and settled comfortably into the couch and flipped through the 49 DVR recordingings of shows I must see. Jordan was laying on my chest and went into a deep sleep. I started watching Grey's Anatomy, not sure which episode. I think I have three recorded.

I couldn't help but brush my lips on the top of Jordan's head and watch and feel her breathe on my chest. Baby's breath is so calming and has to be one of my favorite things. Her angelic pose brought out such deep emotion for me and I wanted to hold her all night long.

But Madison started fussing, so I laid Jordan down. I put Madison on my chest, the fussing stopped, the breathing became rhythmic and I sighed in ecstasy again. Oh my gosh, Cally is gonna beat the snot out of Izzy! I have to rewind.

I get through an episode of Grey's then Jordan started fussing again. I laid down Madison and got Jordan. She immediately stopped fussing and fell asleep on my chest once again, as I watched Zhan Hu of Survivor be completely clueless.

Mark cleaned up and got Madison, who was fussing again, and he changed and fed her. I of course, went to bed around 12:45am just as Madison unloaded the effects of prune juice earlier in the day into her now potent diaper.


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