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Both Rylee and Reagan enjoy taking off their diapers. While it is nice to see their motor skills developing, this trend is far from convenient for Mom and Dad.

This morning was rough for Kari (a little amusing for me, since I slept through it.) At 8:00 Kari fed Madison (she was an angel). She put Madison down to feed Jordan. At about this time she found that her "cycle" had returned, Madison started screaming and her monitor started shrieking, Jordan vomited (copiously) and Reagan went running by, bare bottomed, waving her soiled diaper above her head. I can just picture Kari standing there, oxygen tubing wrapped around her ankles, vomit dripping down her chest, eyes wide, mouth agape, staring after a streaking one year old, wondering "where do I start?"

Rylee came in to wake me up today. I guess I was not responsive enough, so she found a pen and colored while waiting for me to get up. That was great except she colored on my sheets and pillow cases. I must have been really out, because it was a good sized drawing.

Madison has regressed a little bit. She has had two apnea episodes today. I think that is the first that she has had since we brought her home. I was thinking that she really didn't need oxygen any more, but I guess she does. I am not optimistic that either of the twins will be off O2 after this sleep study on the 10th.

Thanks Kelly for stepping up and taking charge.

Our good friend Kelly, with the help of Mrs.Sean Coble (I hope I spelled that right), have taken it upon themselves to give us a break. They are coming over to pick up Rylee and Reagan tomorrow for swimming and play time.

Time to go feed...


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