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Off she went in a huff!

I had to share this.

This morning Kari, who was up anyway with a stuffy nose, took the 5 a.m. shift. At about 6:00 Rylee came down and crawled into bed with her, took Kari's arm and draped it over herself like she was pull over the covers and snuggled in for a nap. A few minutes later the twins started to fuss and not long after that Rylee sat up and gave a huff, as if to say "Those Girls!" Then she marched into the living room and curled up on the couch. After Kari got the twins settled down she found Rylee asleep on the couch. Since it is nice to have a two year old actually sleep with you, as opposed to squirm, she scooped her up and brought her back to bed. A few minutes later, sure enough, the twins started to cry. Again Rylee sat up, looked at the offending infant, gave a huff, and stormed back to the couch. I wish that I had been there to see it. But maybe its better in my mind.

We interviewed two prospects today. Both maybes. One a young college student (Kari has asked me three times if I thought she was pretty.) and a black woman about our age or a bit older, with four kids of her own from 20 months to 18 years. Kari didn't seem "sold" on either, but maybe.

After the interviews Kari and I took the big girls out for a change. We went to the mall for new shoes. Rylee has been growing like a weed and the sneakers that we just bought no longer fit. Pretty sad when a major event is now a trip to the mall, huh? I think that was my first time out of the house in about a week. At least showering, which used to be a major event, is now fairly common.


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