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Papa got in yesterday, as did Papa Wayne and June. It has been nice to have the house full of family. It reminds me of Christmas in Ouray when there were 6 or 7 families sometimes more. Kids running around, pleasant conversation, always someone around to lend a hand, it just feel festive.

The Grandparents took over last night and Kari and I were sent out to celebrate our anniversary. It was really great to get away for just a little bit with just my bride. It almost felt like we were back dating again and it was the most I have seen Kari smile in a long time. But, it wasn't long before we were missing the kids.

Grandmom and Papa Spencer took the graveyard shift and sent us to bed. I got about three hours of sleep before my body told me that I should be up. I fought my alertness for about an hour and a half then gave up and went down to relieve Grandmom at about 2:30. The twins were excellent last night. After about 3:00 they settled down and slept till 8:00, with the exception of a diaper change for Jordan. My Dad and I dosed on the bed while the twins slept. So while I didn't get a full night sleep, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. We may be getting close to having the two of them sleeping through the night.

Wayne and June's dog sitter bailed out at the last minute and so Sinatra Blue, their nine week old puppy, came to play. Rylee especialy liked the puppy.

The twins were pretty good last night. However, they took turns being awake. They didn't fuss too much but did more eating than I hoped they would do in the middle of the night.

Not sure what the problem is, but I tried to post this last night and it didn't go. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Blue in a timeout for nipping.

Blue taking over the big dog's bowl.

Rylee and Blue playing the "I'm gonna git ya" game.

Rylee being got.

Reagan was not as thrilled with the puppy. He was pretty neat as long as he was not jumping up on her.

Little dogs are fun too.


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