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Just a quick update, the girls are pretty fussy. Kari says that they have been that way all day.

They are both sleeping right now but I don't expect it to last. I usually get 15 minutes or 30 max before one or both need some attention. So sometimes my train of thought does not flow very well.
Well, I have not had to call out the bomb squad tonight, but I have been alot more careful. I certainly don't encourage them to eat "just a little more" and I try to get a burp more often.

(There goes Madison)

I am a little concerned about Madi, her breathing has been labored. She seems to have a stuffy nose. I tried some nose drops and that seems to help a little bit. I hope that she isn't coming down with something. You know how serious even a cold could be, so I will be saying some extra prayers tonight.

Jordan seems to be doing fine.

Kari got pooped on today. I didn't tease her this time. I have learned my lesson. I am continually amazed how far such a small person can project "things" from any orifice.

I am really glad my Mom showed up. It is still exhausting, but now we are able to at least keep the house semi orderly and the laundry done. Not to mention that we eat now.

Thank you for your attention. That is all.



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