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What I miss...

I miss my husband and I miss my bed. I've got great sheets. They are from Bed Bath & Beyond Pure Beech sheets! Better than any 600 to 1000 count sheets. I have put them on just about any bed I may sleep in for pure comfort. I want to sleep good but I have an everlasting dream of free falling with no end. It is annoying as hell! My husband gets up from the night shift and all I want to do is complain, It sucks! I love him dearly and I just want compassion. But I feel like all I want to do is give him compassion. I feel it is a no win situation.. Our marriage suffers for the benefit of our children. I'm not too worried since we made it through the three year itch and the seven year itch together. But I do worry that he will think What the hell have I done? I love my family, but I feel I need more down time with the man I married without snips, arguments, or child discussions. This just sucks!


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