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New pictures just for you.

My wife smiled at me today! This is a good thing. Maybe there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. All of the help has really been great and I think that has improved all of our humors. Also with the girls off the oxygen machines we have found a new freedom. The doctor said that we should take the monitors off for part of the day also, to keep the babies skin from getting so irritated. So we are able to move about the house with the twins. It is nice not to have to drop whatever you are doing to go sooth a screaming infant. I even tried on the baby carrier (not the most manly apparatus, but it keeps your hands free and the kids happy) but I stopped short of allowing myself to photographed wearing it.

Mom and I fed the twins in the living room today. Man, having no wires to deal with is really nice. My mother has been a saint and has really made our lives easier. She has been taking the day shift with Kari and I have still been doing the graveyard shift. It is working well for now, but we still are not sure how we are going to manage this when I go back to work. Kari and I were discussing finding a nanny who would just take the night shift while Kari and Beckah will handle the day shift. Beckah should be here some time next week.

Jordan on the left and Madison on the right. They seem to enjoy not having the tubes stuck in their noses.

Dad and Madison playing catchup on the sleep.

This is Saint Kelly, who has really stepped up and taken over the rescue effort, holding her son.

Jordan just chillin on the bed.

Madison very at ease in front of the camera.

You just can't teach good spaghetti sucking technique. You have to be born with it.

Jordan on the left with Madison and Rylee. Grandmom takes good care of us.

"Since I refuse to eat normal food when I am teething, I live on pop corn."

"I said my diaper is full. How are you not getting this?"

Jordan is on the left. You will notice she is always the one who is awake. Insomnia?

Kari, pleased as punch not to be confined to the bedroom anymore.

Grandmom, Madison, and Rylee spending some quality time together.

Rylee thinks Grandmom is pretty neat.

Dad and Jordan


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