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I turned Rylee loose with the digital camera this evening. I was suprised how well she did. There where some pictures like this and several of the floor. But look at some of them. Not too bad.

Be careful of what you are watching. Even prime time can be a little racy, especially when you see it through your child's eyes.

The dogs proved to be interesting subjects and they weren't moving too fast.

I thought that this was an interesting point of view. However, I guess this is what everyone looks like to a toddler.

She got several shots of Bunker. She likes to get several and then pick the best one.

Candid photos to round out the album.

As always it is fun to record the goings on with the twins. This one is Madison getting buckled in for a nap.

It is nice to see that she didn't forget her other sister Jordan. I am sure that Reagan would be in some if she were awake.

This is me trying to teach her not to put her fingers over the flash.


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