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Do we have a plan B?

When dealing with several little kids at once it is essential to have a plan. I do most of the time, but your plans also have to be flexible. The other night I fed Rylee and I thought that I would distract her with some playdough while I was feeding Reagan. Everything was going according to plan until I left Reagan's highchair close enough for Rylee to transfer her playdough to the empty tray.(See the picture below) When I turned around with Reagan in one arm and her dinner in the the other I saw that Rylee had taken possetion of both highchairs and had no intention of giving either of them up. When I tried to move her playdough back to her tray there was screaming fit.

You have to pick your battles too. So I fed Reagan standing up with her in my arms.

Don't touch my dough!

Rylee being a good big sister with Madison.

Papa on the day of his arrival, bonding with his granddaughter, Jordan.

Kari getting things done.

Papa with Rylee and Jordan.

Papa finding out that you are put to work as soon as you show up.

This is the night that the twins would not sleep...So we took pictures.

Same photo shoot as above. That is Jordan on the left and Madison on the right.


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