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I had a few more pictures that I was going to put up tonight, but the twins got fussy.

We have been trying out a new technique. We are not waking them up to feed them. I am not sure how its working yet. Sometimes it is really nice and they will both sleep for a good while. However, sometimes they get on opposite schedules and one will always be awake, like tonight. So the jury is still out.

Mom and Kari think that I might be depressed. I may have hit a little low here, but I'm not doing too bad. I think that I was just hanging on before Grandmom got here and I didn't have time to break down. Now that we have a little help maybe some of that stress is coming out. I have been a little grouchy and there are times I have felt like "I quit." It does sometimes seem that there is no end to the screaming and crying. From the time I got up today till now there have not been many minutes where someone hasn't been crying or needing something. Rylee may have less time to control a tantrum before she gets a nap and I have had to turn the baby monitor off for a few minutes when both toddlers are crying, but overall I think I'm doing pretty good.

I thought it might be nice to see pictures of the twins from early on next to more recent photos.

Jordan shortly after arrival.

Jordan as "just a wee little thing"

Jordan as of just a couple of days ago. I think she looks..."better"

Madison early on.

Madison after eating her spinach.

Grandmom and Rylee taking a break.

The first photo of the whole family. We have started having dinner together. It is an adventure.

Rylee, Dad, and Jordan (I think). The big girls like to "help" us eat too.

As you can see dinner time is not all about the food. It is for enjoying the company.

Reagan, not a vegetarian.

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  1. Priscilla said...
    The girls look wonderful!!!! I am glad to finally "see" them!!

    HUGS and LOVE to all!!!

    --Priscilla from BOLU and your frequent caller :D

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